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Pictomancer Murasaki's Diary

10th March, 2013. 2:16 pm. The issue with posting pics..

I use my phone mainly for doing stuff everything online now, and posting pics in LJ isn't easy.x_x It's not as easy like with computers.

I use my GalaxyNote!Mengde to draw and post now.8D

Most of my stuff are in my tumblr now. It was easier to post pics.

The new LJ doesn't even lemme upload my pics.x_x Holy sheet, what happened to my old online home? I want to post my latest arts...!

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9th March, 2013. 10:33 am. I'm Baaack!8D

I might just start posting again... because of Supernatural. Yes, very different from my previous inspirations.xD

Planning to join those big bang stuffs but I guess it's too late to joins anything.T_T

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10th June, 2012. 2:25 am. Happy 27th!

(Belated) Happy 27th to me and my twin! He just finished coloring our Birthday special.xD

Posting this from my GalaxyNote!Mengde.8D

Since I am unable to upload from it, I'll go ahead and just link the Pixiv upload of it.

Pixiv link to PepsiNEXの人

It's Lu Bu from Dynasty Warriors. Why is he wearing THAT? Because he also endorses PepsiNEX, just like Tiger&Bunny's Blue Rose.<3<3<3

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25th October, 2011. 11:48 am. Seriously, I need to make a Musou icon.

Lu Bu X Yoshitsune!!!<3<3<3

Damn Yo-tan for making me want to add this to the pile of Musou stuff I need be drawing.Dx I haven't even started practicing drawing the Sengoku Musou charas yet! ARGH. Slow, drawing slow.e_e

What else is new? I now ship CaoPiXZhaoYun, LuMengXLuXun and OrochiXEveryone (or someone, yeah, who else could it be?)... I really need to start downloading getting Dynasty Warriors.>.>;;

Still wasting my time with Musou Orochi Maou Sairin... and will start playing Sengoku Musou 2 Empires (yes, it's japanese)... Don't know how long I'll last though, wahahaha.

And speaking about Yamatano Orochi, err, snakes... I need to stop murdering myself with these issues.

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1st October, 2011. 11:26 am. OK lang, wala naman makikinig eh...

Papel was huddled at the corner of the shop, crying. It was the second time Lapis saw her like that. He sighs and continued on with his work, they'll be opening the shop soon anyways and her boss was slacking.

'No one listens,' the shopkeep thought, 'He'd cheer someone up with those words, but why couldn't he...? To me...?' she glanced up at her assistant with her teary eyes. 'It's the same here, it's the same with every world,' and she continued on crying.

'I knew it, I'd rather not talk...'

Ahaha, besides, she doesn't even have the right to talk. She's not even doing ANYTHING to make it right. Wow she sucks so bad.
Don't worry Papel, you'll get a good ending, I promise.

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20th June, 2011. 1:25 pm. Tiger and Bunny Cosplay. ToyCon 061911

So me and my twin, Yo-tan, cosplayed Kotetsu and Barnaby of Tiger&Bunny yesterday at SM Megamall (ToyCon's 2nd day).
Thanks to my beloved younger siblings for doing all the work! I know I only did most of the necktie only. I'll Help out next cosplay!

A few people recognized us, so we don't have much pics, but maybe we'll cosplay again after a few months to see if more people will know who we are.XD

But just being Kotetsu and Bunny at the event made me happy.8D You'll never know, we might cosplay the Hero suits next time.

Just the T&B Cosplay under the cut. Plus random story while I was typing stuff...
So T&B ep5 ended without the gang giving Bunny his Birthday present. Take 2 on Father's Day!?Collapse )

Now, back to drawing.

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9th June, 2011. 3:50 am. HAPPY 26th!!!

Happy 26th Birthday!!!
It's this time of the year again! Happy Birthday to me and my beloved twin.<3<3<3

Same with last time, I thought I would end up drawing a birthday special with Sengoku Basara charas on it. *cough*Oyakata-sama<3*cough* But stuff happened and new inspiration saved the day.^^;; There wasn't enough disturbing elements for SB.TAT

I don't find the drawing too embarassing--
Though I was cringing every now and then while sketching IT.
Oooh, it's -sort of- WORKSAFE...???
Kotetsu stared in disbelief as he watched Bunny's latest upgrade-- the GOOD F*CK MODE.Collapse )

Hopefully drawing inspiration continues!XDXDXD
Aaand, no, I am not giving up on Sengoku Basara yet.x_x Argh, I need to draw them again.
Why does this always happen when I get inspiration changes!? It's so sad.TAT

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29th May, 2011. 5:44 am. Bunny X Tiger (Me loves now!<3<3<3)

I am more attached to games, but after seeing all the T&B stuff in PIXIV... I actually thought it was some shojo anime before. Let's say I've known the title of the anime for months now and I just knew they're about 2 GAY guys at least a few weeks ago after accidentally clicking on a fanart.XD

Random thought about Tiger & Bunny after watching 2 episodes...

Me: So I thought they do HENSHIN but no, they simply wear the hero costumes... Well, at least they don't do GATTAI.XD
Yo-tan and Kuya: *laughed HARD*

So gay.<3<3<3

So yeah, it's BunnyXTiger for me. And I am the Tiger, again (Yukimura of Sengoku Basara was the first<3). I looove how my Bunny-chan's so pissy when I call him that.<3

Expect drawings soon... after I post my Sengoku Basara stuff... Uwaaah, I am so fearing for my BSR inspiration, knowing how bad my switching inspiration goes.x_x;;

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24th May, 2011. 7:11 pm. Facebook is ALIIIIIVEEE!!!!!

My yahoomail is really pissing me off. I love my yahoomail, I had it since... I dunno when... So backup email is picmurasaki@gmail.com. Lulz.

Lost all emails in yahoomail after I logged in again (seriously, I was really lazy to go online these past few weeks). Pakshet, there goes all my drafts... Dear yahoomail, do you know how lazy I am when I try to type something long?-_-;;

I've been trying to catch up on everyone... My facebooks available now. I think you can find me through Jaye Jiongco or Jei Revence. Still trying to get used to FB, and I'm actually hating it more. *sigh* Well, I guess this'll help me catch up... I THINK.

I'm risking so much opening up FB. Oh hat will our relatives think!? I like GAY anime and currently like GAY Samurai's and I like anything GAY. WTF!?!?!?

Kit.T_T I pray you see this friend me in FB, you said you have an FB right? *huggles*
Trick. Hope you read this, friends me in FB too.<3
Kisses. resend mail please?x_x;;
Roel. Do you actually have an FB?XD Wahaha.

Will TRY to stay online. This time... Actually, I think my PIXIV account is way more active than any other online accounts I have. WTH?

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31st March, 2011. 4:22 pm. IeyasuXMitsunari comic(let)

One-pager comic again. I think this has been in my scrapbook for a couple of days now.

I might make more of these one-pager one shots. I'm too lazy to draw full story comics. Wahaha...

Maybe I could just try typing them sometime... Hmm...
IeyasuXMitsunari comiclet. Red String.Collapse )

DateSana done. IeyasuXMitsunari done. I need to make ChikaNari too... I got one in mind but... hmm... Good luck with that. Himewagako completely changed my views about the Setouchi pairing. Chikanari now becomes ChikaNariChika. So yeah, they're interchangeable now. Seriously.

Been using Photoshop for a while now. pictoalchemist now works as a colorist in Korean Manwha so she taught me a few tricks (memory fails BADLY, I can't remember all of them x_x;;).

So yeah... found the joy of using Pen tool! Currently lining the East-West Trio comic.

Ugh. Work sucks today. So tiring... Aaah, wanna go home soon.

Oh 3 new updates from the capcom site!

O SHI. Ieyasu using Tadakatsu's Drill in the new game!*o* pictoalchemist is so gonna be happy to see it at last! *this coming form a family who hasn't played SB3*

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